Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shoeicide Wednesdays!!!

This week's pick of shoes for "Shoeicide Wednesdays" are the Christian Louboutin gold mirror spiked ankle strap platform heels. These exclusive shoes are only available for the rich and fabulous, not the hood rich chicks!

And you will not find these bad boys on the Christian Louboutin website either. Believe me I tried! You have to know Christian Louboutin himself in order to get a pair of these hot shoes. However, since the shoes are not listed on the website I don't know how much they retail for. I'm sure the shoes cost about a grip and 3 mortgage payments, but have been featured on the toes of Cassie (at the 54th Grammy awards) and also on Basketball Wife, Evelyn Lozada. Both ladies have men that can afford these types of shoes so they're in the clear. ;-)

But for those of us who can't afford them.......what are we thinking about this week's shoe pick? I'm listening!

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