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Facebook moving towards world domination?

Facebook is aiming to take over our lives with media app integration

By Rachel King | September 23, 2011

Summary: Facebook is taking over our lives, one status message from one app at a time.If you thought Facebook was everywhere before, brace yourself. We're just scratching the surface of where the social networking is going: world domination.

On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the next wave of Facebook's Open Graph platform, which will basically give way to sharing all sorts of actions and information from different apps and services. Even more basically than that, it will enable Facebook members to share just about anything and everything they are doing online. Well, at least everything that is appropriate.

The highlight here is that this is being extended to media and lifestyle apps, such as Netflix, Spotify, The Daily, and Flipboard. Facebook has a whole host of partners, but within a year - you name the app, and these features will probably be available. It's not exactly the kind of music and movie streaming integration people were possibly expecting, such as an extension of Facebook's existing in-program rentals from Warner Bros. and other studios down the road.

But, there's really no escaping Facebook at this point. So if you thought it was annoying when all of those Farmville notifications popped up on your News Feed, just wait. It's going to get so much more crowded. A peculiar side effect might be that with that much more information being posted on a regular basis, Facebook might see more return visits each day as users want to keep tabs more often.

I will admit there were some examples that caught my attention and favor, which I will likely use when available. For example, there will be direct integration of the Foodspotting app, which will post images and restaurant locations directly to one's profile - er, Timeline. Sure, it helps define a person's personality on their Timeline, but in reality, it just helps people show off even more. And isn't that what Facebook is all about anyway?

The good news is that there are a couple ways to avoid this if you're not interested in all of this extra information and options. First, you can still choose to ignore certain items and users who post too often. Come on, we all have someone that we've blocked from the News Feed. Second, you could opt to not participate yourself. None of this stuff is mandatory, so if you see it in an app, just ignore it and move on. Facebook has promised less pop-up notifications and has rewritten them to make them clearer, but time will tell if users really find them less annoying or not.However, for people who do like to share things often - or even just once in a while and are looking for simpler ways to go about it - then this next step for Open Graph really will benefit. Either way, it will change the way people use and view Facebook - for better or worse.

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Timbaland Slams Posthumous Aaliyah “Duets,” Teases Collab With Nas, Jay Z & Justin Timberlake

timbaland aaliyah revolt

Tim Time

Timbaland has been all over Diddy‘s Revolt, first giving a revealing interview regarding his falling out and subsequent reconciliation with Jay-Z. This time, he’s speaking his mind on the posthumous Aaliyah “duets” proffered by Drake and Chris Brown. In a nutshell: he’s not a fan (was anyone?), saying “it will never work.” He added, “Aaliyah’s music only work with its soul mate, which is me.”

Tim also teased a forthcoming Nas track called “Sinatra In The Sands,” which features Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, and he promises it’s “completely stupid.” Watch up top.

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Dannii Minogue To Release ‘This Is It: The Very Best Of’ In August, Includes New Single & Kylie Duet

She's Back!

Jesus (could well have) wept this morning when pop legend Dannii Minogue announced her first new album in six years. While not quite the desperately-awaited follow up to iconic dance opus Neon Nights, there are still a lot of reasons to get excited about This Is It:The Very Best Of - the glamorous diva’s third greatest hits album. For starters, there’s her 2008 duet with sister Kylie Minogue (a stunning cover of ABBA‘s “The Winner Takes It All”) and a semi-new song called “Cos You’re Beautiful”.

I say semi-new because Dannii actually premiered it way back in 2010 on her reality show Style Queen. The collection is a great overview of the X Factor judge’s extraordinary career. Most of her singles are represented including epic urban ballad “I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain”, Oxford Street classic “Coconut” and signature song “Success”. The only omissions are gay anthem “Everlasting Night” and Japanese only singles “Boogie Woogie” and “Rescue Me”. See the full tracklist and listen to a preview of the pop deity’s new track after the jump.

This Is It: The Very Best Of - Tracklist

01. Love And Kisses – 1990
02. Success – 1990
03. Jump To The Beat – 1991
04. Baby Love – 1991
05. I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain – 1990
06. Show You The Way To Go – 1992
07. This Is It – 1993
08. This Is The Way (Download Only) – 1993
09. Get Into You (Download Only) – 1994
10. All I Wanna Do – 1997
11. Everything I Wanted – 1997
12. Disremembrance – 1998
13. Coconut – 1998
14. Who Do You Love Now – 2001
15. Put The Needle On It – 2002
16. I Begin To Wonder – 2003
17. Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove – 2003
18. You Won’t Forget About Me – 2004
19. Perfection – 2005
20. So under Pressure – 2006
21. He’s The Greatest Dancer – 2006
22. Touch Me Like That (Download Only) – 2007
23. The Winner Takes It All (Duet With Kylie Minogue) – 2009
24. 'Cos You're Beautiful – 2013

The album drops August 23 in Australia. No word on an international release yet.

Are you as excited about this gem as I am? Let me know in the comments.

Jay Z Still Has Beef With ‘Billboard’ In New Interview: Watch

jay z life times interview video


Jay Z is stil bitter about that chart snub that came with his million-copy Magna Carta Holy Grail Samsung deal, as he fired some shots at Billboard in a new interview posted on his Life + Times site. “They work for us,” he said of Billboard. ”Their job is to encourage the business to bring in new revenue streams, not to discourage me. If you’re not with the changing times, you’re irrelevant to me. I’m going to move on.”

Jay says the Samsung deal was predicated on a couple factors: first, that the music industry is dying and needs new business models like this one. And secondly, that he wasn’t gunning for a No. 1 spot or looking to game the system, but merely seizing an opportunity for a deal that only an artist of his caliber could garner.

Over the course of the 28-minute video, Jay didn’t just talk about the chart gatekeepers and their place in the withering industry, of course. He also discussed his desire to groom the upcoming generation of artists, hip-hop’s place in culture and his artistic process.

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Double Exposure

Mint tops & leather (& vegan leather) shorts for spring. 1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./ 8./

Summer x Basta Surf

Samantha August designs swimsuits that are madewell, literally. A yearlong sojourn spent surfing some of the world’s most exotic coasts led the designer to reevaluate her life’s priorities, fueling her to create a swimline that pays homage to both the art of surfing and the sport’s playing field – the ocean. Basta Surf promotes global responsibility by donating a portion of all its proceeds to Global Water along with embedding each suit with a hang tag laced with wildflower seeds for wearers to plant and grow. The design team at Madewell took notice and teamed up with the New York manufactured brand to produce an exclusive collection of surf-inspired swimwear. The clean lines, pops of color and sleek design epitomize relaxed-summer chic. Shop the entire collection here. Items pictured above and below are manufactured in the U.S. 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.

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Sarah Frances Kuhn: SFK Camera Straps

SFK + Castor & Pollux NYC Collaboration.

Sarah Frances Kuhn has been making customized pieces for as long as she can remember. As a former Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue, her camera served as a constant fixture in her wardrobe. So when her camera strap unexpectedly broke while out on a market appointment last year, she not-so-surprisingly opted to fashion herself a new one. Her fellow editors and friends soon took notice, and her handmade creation organically evolved into a stunning line of chic camera straps that she handcrafts in her Brooklyn studio.

Utilizing an assortment of heavy-duty chains (in gold, silver and brass) and a wide ranging leather color palette, SFK offers a variety of camera straps in both necklace and wristlet form. With a slew of collaborations under her belt, SFK is constantly evolving and adding new products to the collection. Click here to check out SFK’s line in its entirety.

York Wallcoverings

Stacy Garcia's Parisian Poppies for York Wallcoverings.

When it comes to decorating, I am absolutely obsessed with wallpaper. At an early age I fell head-over-heels in love. This young obsession might have something to do with the fact that both my grandma and mom were also fixated on pasting roll upon roll of intricate paper on their wall’s surfaces, not to mention my mom is a decorating junkie. I spent many an afternoon looking over wallpaper samples and picking out my favorite prints in the wallpaper store located downtown. The more fanciful and over-the-top the design, the better. So when my mom recently told me about Pennsylvania-made York Wallpaper, I knew instantly I would be smitten.

For over 117 years, York Wallcoverings has been made in the same York, Pennsylvania, factory producing more than 100 million feet of wallpaper a year. With many famous admirers including the Reagans, who decorated Camp David with a hunting scene by the company, and the set designers of Black Swan, who featured a York butterfly motif in the bedroom of Natalie Portman’s character, York Wallcoverings remains as prevalent today as it was in the 1800s.

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Happy Birthday Jordana!

Happy Birthday Jordana! Pictured here at right next to Christine (centre) and me as we were heading for a night out on the town- in Kingston, Ont. in 2005 - the year Jordana, Christine & I met. And it's been nothing but fun n' games since

Really nothing has changed since '05. This one is from 2010 in Toronto

Today is Jordana's birthday!

As our trusted International Correspondent and Monday columnist, Jordana the other ventricle of our blogging heartbeat.

Thank you Jordana for all the hard work you do and congratulations on your beautiful award-winning blog, White Cabana! I wish you a perfect day of celebrations today as you think back on your past year's outstanding accomplishments and look forward to what comes next. You are one inspiring gal and I wish you a very happy happy happy birthday!




Smooth criminals

Is this your vice? Hand cuff by Cast of Vices, $310 at

Today we're featuring a suspicious trend: the handcuff.

While it's no secret we're into broad wrist-wrapping cuffs, we were at first unsure about the hand cuff idea. But today's finds show how lovely the designs and closure details can be without looking like you're under arrest.

Handsome screw cuff bracelets in silver, yellow gold or rose gold by Miansai, $165 - $355

Brass and Swarovski crystal necklace by A.L.C., $285 at

Lynn Ban sterling silver and diamond bangles, $1,890 and up at

Brass ring duo, $225 at

Stella McCartney gold handcuffs bracelet, $660 at