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See How Nicole Richie Does Print-on-Print Right on “Extra”

Nicole Richie may be looking a bit too thin for our liking but she does know how to dress it up in an outfit that perhaps only she can effortlessly pull off.

The 31-year-old fashion designer and TV personality was photographed at The Grove just last week during her guest appearance on the show "Extra", while wearing a very chic print-on-print ensemble that's just very much perfect for loungewear this season.


Nicole Richie seen at The Grove for an interview with Mario Lopez on 'Extra' in Los Angeles, CA - 10 July 2013

Print-on-print outfits are quite hard to pull off, especially when the prints are complete polar opposites of one another just like with Nicole's ensemble. However, she really did a great job of pairing this printed A.L.C. 'Huntley' top with a pair of striped palazzo pants, don't you think so?

Thank goodness Nicole has really come into her own as a style icon, which was such a far cry from her rather trashy and drab days, and we have her to thank for this gorgeous loungewear outfit that we can recreate as well! Check out below where you can get her chic and rather funky top by A.L.C. below:


A.L.C. 'Huntley' Top in Red Abstract, $212.00

Credit: Michael Wright/Josiah True/

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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

By now you've checked out my Best Red Lip Shade For Every Skin Tone Tutorial as well as my Making Red Lips Last Tutorial. Well, this delicious look gets its inspiration from shiny cherries, red apples and juicy pomegranates... and was spotted on the 2013 A/W Kenneth Cole runway. It's a gorgeous twist on the standard red lip, brought to life with added dimensions and a glossy finish. Here's how:


  • Classic Red Lip Pencil - I used MAC Lip Pencil's Redd because it has been a staple in my kit for years.
  • Berry-Colored Lip Pencil - I used Laura Mercier Lip Pencil's Crushed Berry because it's the perfect berry color and is super blendable.
  • Clear Lip Gloss - I'm obsessed with Burt's Bees Super Shiny Sheer Glosses because they're not goopy or so thick that you feel like a bug flying by would get stuck in them!


  1. Line the upper and bottom perimeters with the red lip pencil, leaving the corners bare (as demonstrated above).
  2. Fill in the areas under and above the perimeters, still leaving the corners bare.
  3. Fill in both corners with the berry-colored pencil.
  4. Use the clear lip gloss to blend and bring everything to life.


Written by: Sarah St. Lifer, Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

Confession: we're serial snackers. While three meals per day is lovely in theory, we always manage to squeeze in a bite after breakfast, and again right before dinner (that doesn't include lunch, of course!). But, rather than do serious damage on a bag of potato chips, we're all about healthy mini meals that provide energy and a slew of beauty benefits.

Ready to kick your Frito-Lay habit to the curb? Stock up on Greek yogurt and these toppings next time you're cruising the local grocery store. Smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, and stronger hair is served!

1. Blueberries - Remember when we added a handful of blueberries to our summer salad two weeks ago? The tiny berries are loaded with antioxidants, which have been dubbed by many as nature's fountain of youth. Chow down and expect skin to look firm and glowing.

2. Nectarines - Hands-down, nectarines are the perfect addition to any summer dish. Not only are they often sweeter than peaches, they're also rich in vitamin A and potassium (the former is an essential vitamin because of its ability to rebuild tissues and help heal scrapes, wounds, and other skin damages, the latter keeps cells hydrated and skin internally moisturized).

3. Walnuts (as also seen here when we created our summer salad) - If bad hair days have become the norm, add walnuts to your diet. As an excellent source of biotin, the nutrient strengthens tresses and promotes quicker hair growth.

4. Almonds - Is a bunch of acne owning some real estate on your forehead? Want to evict that blackhead from your nose? Rule 1: do not pop! Rule 2: scarf down some almonds. You can thank the nut's abundance of vitamin E for that much smoother mug.

5. Hemp Seed - The trend of going organic isn't just at your grocery store - many beauty brands are including hemp into their recipes for soaps, shampoos, and even toothpastes. The slew of vitamins, calcium, sodium, iron, and dietary fiber are not only great for good heart health, but they also help clear up skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dark spots.

6. Chia Seed - We sprinkle these bad boys on everything from oatmeal to fruit shakes. Why? Well, the little black seeds are the highest natural source of omega-3s, a fatty acid helps strengthen cell membrane barriers, helping to keep water and nutrients in and toxins out. Meaning a natural glow is just a few bites away!

7. Greek Yogurt - Often times the amount of protein found in Greek yogurt is double the amount that you'd find in a regular variety. Add a single serving to your diet, and fine lines will become a distant memory.

8. Honey - Step away from the sugar! If you need to add some sweetness to your meal, opt for a spoonful of honey instead. It will give you added energy without the inevitable crash that the refined sugars always provide.

Happy snacking!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Things to Do Today – Parks and Wilderness

Parks and Wilderness Areas

Get on your hiking boots and have a wander through some of the most lovely wilderness areas in northern Europe.

Wilderness around Lake Maggiore

Around and above the Lake there is a wide variety of wilderness areas, natural Parks and spectacular mountain reserves.
Val Grande: once inhabited solely by shepherds, today represents one of the most wild and uncontaminated areas in Italy;

View from Strette del Cas looking over Val Cavr and Corni di Nibbio

Park Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero:
in the Ossola mountains, between 1700 and 3500 metres, offer spectacular views of majestic mountains, green pastures, and typical mountain lakes.

Alpe Veglia Nature Reserve

Park of the Valle del Ticino an effluent of Lake Maggiore, the Park is the natural habitat of a wide range of birds, reptiles and flora;

Covered Boardwalk through Ticino Nature Reserve

Lake Maggiore Park Authorities oversees four protected areas: Lagoni of Mercurago 470 hectars of morenic hilly countryside with mixed woodland, ponds and swamps and some important archeological remains; Fondo Toce Nature Reserve, 360 hectars with an important reed bed, and swathes of riverside vegetation; the Nature Reserve of Dormelletto, 157 hectars of reed beds sheltering a wide range of fauna; Nature Reserve of Bosco Solivo, 340 hectars in Borgo Ticino, surrounding the Motto Solivo hill.

Parco dei Lagoni in Oleggio Castello has an interesting selection of aquatic flora as well as remains from the Neolithic period testifying to the existence of a civilization from the 5th century B.C..

Dormello This moraine range dominating the lake gave shelter to a small village called Dormello, now disappeared, whose name originally indicated its present-day chief town, Dormelletto. While downhill, near the 18th century church of Madonna della Motta, only a 1st century AD Roman altarpiece was found, in Dormallo Superiore there is a greater presence of Roman artifacts: another altarpiece, Roman brickwork later used on the walls of "Madonna della Fontana", and a bronze spoon lost in the plain towards the Lagoni Park. Thanks to the "Fountain" the place was considered sacred in pre-Christian times. The wallbuilt altarpiece might refer to such worshipping.

Mini Tour Dormello Lagoni Nature Reserve

Fondotoce Reserve:
at the mouth of the river Toce, it is characterised by the lake dwellings extending through swamps and cane thickets, a habitat for unusual species of aquatic fauna in a thick and varied flora. Over 130 species of birds choose this area to set their nests and reproduce;

Fondo Toce Reed Beds (foto Oreste Pastore)

Bosco Tenso Oasis: 22 hectares on the banks of the Toce river at Premosello Chiovenda, a protected area where nature offers a variety of bush plants where birds, foxes, squirrels and deer live.The area, which is a WWF environmental oasis, extends for approximately 23 hectares and is populated mainly by oak, hornbeam, ash, lime and enormous sessile oak trees growing alongside spindle tree bushes, hawthorn, honeysuckle and elder tree. The flora that grows alongside the river is also noteworthy.

Bosco Tenso - foto Oreste Pastore

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Things to See Today – Baveno and its Villas

Baveno and its villas

The enchanting little lakeside town of Baveno, next to Stresa, is of Roman origin, and is famous for its mineral water springs and its quarries of pink granite, and as a holiday resort.

The fine lakefront promenade offers a superb view of the Borromean Islands, which can be reached by boats leaving from Baveno harbour. The architectural attractions of the town include the Parish Church of Santi Gervasio and Protasio and the Baptistery, which stand in a broad square accessed from Via Monte Grappa.

Since the mid-19th century many internationally famous personalities have stayed in Baveno, usually as guests in the opulent villas lining the shores of the lake.

Villa Henfrey Branca

Villa Henfrey-Branca. Built between 1870 and 1872 to plans by the English engineer Charles Henfrey, Villa Henfrey-Branca is one of the most original buildings on Lake Maggiore, and was inspired by English castle architecture. Its exposed red brick, its turrets and spires, marble terraces and magnificent English-style garden give the house a fairytale appearance that attracts the attention of every one who strolls along the lakefront promenade. In the grounds there is also a pretty little Protestant church and a small castle built in 1882-1883 along the lines of the castle of Vogogna. Of the many eminent people who stayed here over the years, the most notable must be Queen Victoria of Great Britain, who came with her daughter Beatrice in 1879. Today the descendents of the royal families of Europe still visit the Branca family, who acquired the property after the death of Charles Henfrey.

Villa Fedora

Villa Fedora. Standing in extensive grounds which separate it from the lake, away from the town centre, Villa Fedora is a severely elegant residence built in the first half of the 19th century; today it houses the Chamber of Commerce of the Verbano Cusio Ossola. It takes its name from the celebrated opera by the composer Umberto Giordano, who lived here for twenty years (1904-1924). The Umberto Giordano Festival of classical music, held in Baveno every July, was the brainchild of the maestro.

Villa Barberis

Villa Barberis. Built in the early years of the 20th century, Villa Barberis stands out not only because of its dazzling white colour but also because of the exotic appearance of its original design. It was built by the wish of Alberto Barberis, a cosmopolitan traveller from Vercelli who lived for many years in the East. In fact, the style of his villa recalls the exotic atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights, typified especially by the minaret in the garden, which also contains specimens of tropical plants. There are many interesting decorative features such as the high relief depictions of the Dome of San Gaudenzio Church in Novara and the bell tower of Sant'Andrea in Vercelli on the curved tympanum, or the pictures of still-lifes and landscapes which Barberis himself painted on the walls of the top floor six-arched loggia.

Villa Durazzo - Lido Palace Hotel

Villa Durazzo (Lido Palace Hotel). An impressive late 19th century mansion, Villa Durazzo was built by the Marquis Durazzo of Genoa on a prime site on the shore, right opposite the Borromean Gulf. Later on the Mayor of Baveno Gerolamo Rossi made the villa into a luxury Belle poque hotel which was to welcome a number of famous guests, such as Sir Winston Churchill, who came here on his honeymoon in 1908 and on other occasions.

Villa Brandolini d'Adda. Built in the 16th century over a former convent, the villa displays a number of fine architectural and decorative features. The garden is the only one of its kind in the world, being divided into four parts: Italian, English, French and Japanese.

Also worth a mention are Villa Carosio, designed by the famous Art Nouveau architect Giuseppe Sommaruga, Villa Claudia, where the celebrated playwright Luigi Illica stayed, and Villa Provana di Collegno-Galtrucco, the scene of numerous meetings of major figures in the political history of Piedmont in the later 19th century.

By car: from the A26 exit at Baveno.
Ufficio turistico di Baveno
Tel.+ 39 0323 924632


Friday, September 27, 2013

Watch Willow Smith’s Lovely Rendition Of “Summer Fling” On ‘The Queen Latifah Show’

willow smith summer fling queen latifah

Weepy Willow

Willow Smith has come a long way from the days of whipping her hair back and forth: “Sugar & Spice” and “Summer Fling” have already demonstrated that. But it’s still an impressive feat, considering she has successfully dropped one sonic style and seamlessly adopted another one and she’s not even a teenager yet. The new look suits Willow so well that, if she were to go all-in down this cloudy, alt-R&B path, she’d immediately be one of the top female up-and-comers in that genre. Don’t believe us? Then maybe you should watch her perform “Summer Fling” on The Queen Latifah Show (a real thing, apparently!) from earlier this week.

Rocking those Melodic Chaotic uber-bangs, Smith is equal parts poised and playful (in a faux British accent she dedicated the song to “all the kids around the world whose summer is never long enough”). Having famous parents may have helped her launch this music career, but Willow Smith keeps proving she deserves to be heard.

[via Pitchfork]

Jason Derulo Teams Up With Jordin Sparks For “Vertigo”: Listen To The ‘Tattoos’ Ballad

Jason Derulo is head over heels in love with Jordin Sparks and their real-life chemistry is obvious on pretty Tattoos ballad “Vertigo”. The 23-year-old veers away from his usual urban-dance output, showcasing his impressive pipes on the minimally-produced love song.

“Ladies come and go but you got something different,” croons Jason over a simple piano track. Jordan returns the compliment, singing: “the way that you please me sets this room on fire!” Well, then. Light some candles and listen to the couple’s romantic duet after the jump.

Is this a rare example of a real-life couple getting it right on record? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Would You…

…. wrap one of Tom Binns’ spider cuffs around your wrist? Or do the sight of these arachnids make you squirm? I discovered these wire wares on UO’s Daily Posts and could not resist asking you, my lovely American-made enthusiasts, whether or not you would support the American economy by purchasing these avant-garde insects handcrafted in NYC. We’re talking Tom Binns the luxury jewelry label here, not to be confused with one of Haute Americana’s other all-time faves Tom Bihn, the luggage pioneer.
Also, remember these stunning photos of Eva and Yaya from the third cycle of ANTM and the tarantula-fueled meltdowns that ensued?