Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mike Epps Says It's Hard Being A Dad To A Teenager

Just yesterday I reported on an argument Mike Epps had with his oldest daughter, Bria. As I've said before and I'll probably say thousands of times again, if you don't have kids, you'll never know the struggle! It's just an honest statement. Plain and simple. Take it how you want it, but sometimes, these kids will test you and take you over the edge. As I'm sure this is the case with Mike Epps.

However, just because we get upset, angry or curse out our kids, doesn't mean we don't love them. It just means that at the present time, we are disgusted with their actions or their words. So with that said, Mike Epps took some time out to tell the cameras that despite his argument with his daughter, he still loves her. And you can check out that footage when you click on the "Read More" button below:

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All children realize their mistakes with their parents when they get older. It's the way of life! No one is exempt! What are your thoughts?

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