Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lil Cease Talks Being Fit & Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Friend to the site, Lil Cease, recently caught up with to talk about his experiences with weight loss, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

As we all know, Lil Cease wasn't always a health nut, but as time went on we saw Lil Cease come from being a chubby guy to a beefed up persona. Lil Cease is now most known for his "Hard Body" DVD's, but it wasn't an easy thing to come by. Like everyone else, Lil Cease had to work hard at getting his body to where it is today and it came from living a healthy lifestyle. So with that said, find out what Lil Cease had to say about getting healthy and living right when you click on that "Read More" button below:

After first hearing about the whole movement, I have undergone some changes in my life to go about living a healthier lifestyle. I'm in the gym every other day (literally) and keeping a watch on the food I consume. It just takes some motivation and will power to get you to where you have to go! Feel free to leave your thoughts!

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