Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amber Rose Breaks Down While Talking About Kanye West!!

Amber Rose has been making her rounds on radio and television to clear up any and all rumors about herself. And the one thing people want to talk to her about the most is of course her past relationship with Kanye West. I'm sure that has to be frustrating especially when she's in another relationship where she's completely happy.

However, MTV's Sway recently asked Amber Rose about her past relationship with Kanye West on MTV's "Rap Fix Live" and Amber Rose broke down in tears because of the things she has to deal with. Amber Rose feels like she not only gets bullied through Kanye West's music, but there are also the Kanye West fans she has to deal with and they are not so nice. Some even throw things at her!! But I'll let Amber explain it to you when you click on the "Read More" button below:

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I don't like to see anybody break down like this! I hope everything works out for her. What are your thoughts on this? I'm listening!

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