Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Product Review: Butter London’s The Black Knight trio

I kind of love nail polish. Like, this much:

This is only a small portion of my collection

So, when I was asked if I wanted to test out a few new colours from Butter London's fabulous collection, I jumped at the chance.

Nail polish is quite literally the best accesory: it's affordable, funky and can spruce up that little black dress with a punch of colour. Butter London is one of the more high-end nail lacquers and has so many earthy, stunning colours for Fall (and a glittery purple lineup for holiday 2011). So yeah, of course I wanted to try it.

The Product: Butter London trio package The Black Knight.

I product tested three Butter London shades: a metallic blue named "Big Smoke" (my fave), a soft powdery pink called " Teddy Girl," and a juicy burnt cranberry named "Saucy Jack":

The Black Knight trio pack from left: Big Smoke, Teddy Girl and Saucy Jack

Formulation and application: What I love about Butter London's polishes is they they are "3-free", meaning they don't contain formaldehyde, toluene or DBP, which is reason enough to go for it. What I love even more is how well the colour goes on and how long it lasts.

I'm a stickler with my polishes: if the brush is too thick, the colours too runny or the formula too thin, it's something I notice. Butter London's lacquer had the ideal small brush size with adorable packaging to boot.

I lacquered up two coats of "Saucy Jack" before a big night out and it practically glided on, leaving my nails looking super smooth. After painting a clear coat overtop, my nails lasted perfectly for about a week-which is quite rare for this constant typist. The stunning red colour looked adorable with my brand new American Apparel dress, accentuating it perfectly (pictured below):

American Apparel's two-toned mini dress in black and ruby

The Final Word:

While usually an OPI girl myself, I think it's safe to say that I'm now a convert; Butter London's uber-cool packaging, perfectly-sized brush and "3-free" formula have given my rack of polishes a good run for their gloss.

Images courtsesy of yours truly and American Apparel.

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