Friday, October 24, 2014

Meek Mill Says He's NOT Dating Rihanna

The rumor mill has been running rampant this week with talks that Meek Mill was seeing Rihanna for some of that cake action. And while everyone else was buying into those rumors, I just felt that Meek Mill wasn't on Rihanna's level (not in a bad way) so I never reported on it. Although the two were recently spotted at club "Perfections" celebrating Meek Mill's birthday, I just couldn't pair the two together.

However, the rumors ran soo wild that they got back to Meek Mill's longtime girlfriend who wasn't too happy to hear about the Rihanna rumors. So now, in an attempt to clear his name and get his home life back on track, Meek Mill is speaking out on those rumors and is letting the masses know that they shouldn't always believe in the hype.

Check it out for yourselves (around the 4:17 mark) when you click on that "Read More" button below:

There you have it folks!!! Its not true! What are your thoughts on it? I'm all ears!

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