Thursday, October 23, 2014

Did Young Buck Snitch To Get A Lighter Prison Term?

The very articulate Star from the "Star and Bucwild" show posed a question to his audience this morning via That question was.....if Young Buck (formerly of the G-Unit clan) was a snitch?

The reason why Star asked this question was because Young Buck was looking at a 10 year prison term for an indictment on unspecified charges relating to firearms. However, it's being reported that Young Buck is only going to be doing a 2 month stint.

Star eludes to the fact that Young Buck may have snitched in order to get his prison term lessoned and even tweeted about it via the social networking site Twitter.

When news got back to Young Buck about Star's allegations, all hell broke loose on Twitter!

I'll first let you listen to Star's audio and then you can check out the tweets Young Buck sent to Star when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Now check out Young Buck's response to that audio below:

Here was Star's only response to Young Buck below:

Star is the epitome of "I Don't Give A Fuck"! Not many people can handle Star, but he's an OG in my book! So my question to you guys is you think Young Buck snitched? I'm all ears!!!

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