Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birdman Says If You F**k With Drake, You're F**kin With Him!

This situation with Drake and Chris Brown has really gone above and beyond with what we would call an altercation. Whatever happened to a good ole fashioned one on one? What happened to those days? No one really knows what happened at club "WIP" last week between Chris Brown and Drake as we are getting tons of conflicting stories, but what I do know is that its going to get uglier before it gets better. And that is just #NOBUENO!

Even an interview done by MTV with Birdman ruffled my feathers because it seemed like Birdman's response was soo negative. Instead of trying to diffuse the situation, it seemed like Birdman ignited the problem even further. You can see what I mean when you click on that "Read More" button below:

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Whatever happened to a good ole ass whoopin? If you lose today, at least you live to fight another day tomorrow. I'm guessing those days are long gone?

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this in the comments section because you know I'm listening!

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