Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gossip Pics: Amber Rose In Lifestyle Mirror Magazine

Amber Rose is giving you old school, classical, sexy in her newest photoshoot spread in "Lifestyle Mirror" magazine. The soon to be Mrs. Wiz Khalifa talked with "Lifestyle Mirror" about everything from meeting Wiz Khalifa on Twitter, to cutting her hair off, to a woman having the right to be sexy without having to be called a whore.

 All of that interesting gossip plus exclusive photos and behind the scenes footage when you click on that "Read More" button below:

On meeting Wiz on Twitter:
"I DMed Wiz on Twitter after an interview where he said I was the ultimate girl, because I wanted to send him some shades. We became friends right away, and that's how it all began!"

On cutting her hair off:
“I cut my hair about 9 years ago…It’s really empowering because I hide behind nothing. This is me.”

On being sexy without being disrespected:
“If I want to wear a short skirt I can, and I expect to not be disrespected because I want to feel and dress sexy and not be called a whore…Every woman has the right to dress as she pleases and not be judged by her wardrobe choices, and I support all women doing their thing, whether in high heels and a mini skirt or sweats and sneakers.” 
 Now, check out Amber's behind the scenes moments below:

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