Monday, September 8, 2014

HHGS Blind Item

Every now and again I get some really good information about someone or some folks in the entertainment industry. However, due to my relationships with various people within the industry I like to keep their information sort of/kind of private. I'll tell their story, but I'll leave out their names and let my readers decide if they can figure out the answer to the blind item on their own. So without further adeu, let's get into the blind item shall we?

What married rapper beat the ish out of his side chick who also used to rap? Now, before you guys go guessing your asses off, let me give you some more information. The side chick does still work on music and has an album coming out shortly.

The reason for the beating is because this married rapper heard his side chicks album and became pissed off that she was rapping about their love affair. The altercation happened in New York at the Shoreham hotel on 55th Street.

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Ironically, the hotel room number (313) where the altercation occured is the same as the married rappers hometown area code! The married rapper is also in a boy band rap group. I can't say no more than what I've already told you, but I do have exclusive photos of the side chick with her eyes closed shut from the beating she received and I'm honestly surprised she didn't call the cops on this man! I don't care what situation you're in, NO MAN should ever lay their hands on any woman! PERIOD!

Sidebar: I will be interviewing this girl sometime in the very near future where she will tell all and expose everything! So stay tuned to!

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